Get Rid Of The Bullwhip Effect

AIRENC is the unique platform that allows any OEM or EMS to buy and sell directly to each other and to mitigate supply chain risks

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Get Rid Of The Bullwhip Effect

AIRENC is the unique platform that allows any OEM or EMS to buy and sell directly to each other and to mitigate supply chain risks.


The Electronic Components Market Is Extremely Volatile And Complex Leading To A Completely Disjointed Supply Chain

Recurring components shortages

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Causing enormous pressure and creating frustration for OEMs & EMS who are not able to meet their customers needs on time.

Unanticipated overstocks situations

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Increasing immobilization, endearing profitability, deteriorating the quality of products, and may lead to waste.

Costly intermediaries on the market

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Driving to price rising, engendering a potential lack of transparency and traceability and a high risk of counterfeiting.

The Easiest Way To Make Secure Transactions

Guide to AIRENC platform

Log In

Log In screen of AIRENC platform

Upload Your Files

Upload bids and offers screen of AIRENC platform

Check Your Dashboard

A screen of AIRENC platform dashboard

Make A Transaction

Make payments and transactions screen of the platform

Sell Or Buy Electronic Components In Few Minutes At A Fair Price Without Intermediaries

Get rid of overstocks

 Increase the value of your inventories by reselling your components at fair prices, and prevent waste generation.

Avoid shortages

 Make sure your production is not getting shut down, keep supplying your customers on time, and guarantee their satisfaction.

Take Back The Control Of Your Supply Chain And Mitigate The Bullwhip Effect

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Fair Prices

Buy and sell your components directly with no intermediaries.
Not overpriced.
Not underpriced.
Just right.

A guy using his card and ensuring  that transactions are secured

Secured Transactions

Make all your transactions within a trusted environment.

Do not worry if anything goes wrong, we will refund you.

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No more endless searching for your components.
No more slow responses.
Live notifications when new bids are posted.

A man and a woman making a deal in full transparency

Full Transparency

Never worry about buying counterfeit components.
Each member is assessed when joining our platform.
Each transaction is rated.

Embrace The First Collaborative Supply Chain In Electronics

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Make Significant Savings

Buy components on the gray market at fair prices

Make your inventories more valuable

Stop spending money on useless research

A stabilized chain

Stabilize Your Supply Chain

Maintain the quality of your products

Limit exposure to the bullwhip effect

Anticipate components end of life

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Improve Your Brand Image

Reduce components waste and overstocks

Build a sustainable supply chain

Stay aligned with your customers expectations

How Can We Help You?

Answers to commonly asked questions

How do I know that the components are authentic?
How does the payment process go?
How are my components delivered?
What happens if anything goes wrong?
How to register on the platform?
What types of components/references can we find on AIRENC platform?

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