Mitigate your supply chain risks


Trade electronic components without intermediaries with AIRENC’s peer-to-peer platform dedicated to OEMs and EMS.

The easiest way to buy and sell electronic components on the grey market

Leverage the power of the peer-to-peer to solve your recurring shortages and overstocks issues by taking out costly intermediaries


Login and access to the 1st community of OEMs and EMS

Connect with your peers easily and integrate the 1st collaborative supply chain in the electronic components market.


Upload your bids and offers in just one click

Wether you’re looking for some critical components, or you need to lighten your stockpile, use our template and share your needs to your peers.


Let our platform find the best deals for you

We compare in real-time thousands of members’ requests and notify you once there is a match. Our recommendation system also helps you to achieve your business goals by suggesting potential transactions.


Make the deal and track its progress

We support you during the whole transaction process to ensure the best experience with our community.

One platform - One community - Genuine components

Either buy or sell electronic components to your OEMs and EMS peers depending on your stock situation without any risk of counterfeit.

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You are a seller

Reduce your stock immobilization. Make value of your excess inventory. Resell it at fair price. And prevent waste.

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You are a buyer

Avoid shortages. Keep up your production line. Maintain your delivery times. And ensure your customers satisfaction.

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Make significant savings with your peers

Adopt circular economy, collaboration and community principles with AIRENC and benefits from fair price. Not overpriced. Not underpriced. Just right.

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Price recommendations

Price recommendations



Secure payment

Secure Payment

Quality control & logistics

Quality Control & Logistics

Trade electronic components on the grey market with trust

Remove the pain from buying or selling on the grey market (counterfeit, no payment, …) and maintain your reputation. Everything is in place at AIRENC to guarantee full transparency, original electronic components, and ease of transaction. If something goes wrong, you get fully refunded.

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Stabilize your supply chain

Take back control of your supply chain with real time and historical data. Get a better understanding on how your stocks evolve, improve your forecasts and take better decisions.

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Live notifications

Live notifications

Transaction history

Transaction history

Your peers are your suppliers and customers.

Embrace the first collaborative supply chain for electronic components.

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